Experience and Accomplishments

Educational Accomplishments

Developed the David Bowie Syllabus, the Nat Turner Syllabus, and the Moonlight Syllabus.


Facilitated education and programming in DC Public Schools, DC Public Charter Schools, and DC after-school programs for sixteen years, reaching thousands of children and young adults.

Created the Black Excellence Through Brotherhood and Sisterhood Unit, discussing the growth of black institutions, such as HBCUs and fraternal organizations, along with issues of colorism, sexism, racism, and hazing.

Created the Passport to Black History Seminar, which allowed students to travel through six modules of intersecting black identities, from the Afro-Latino experience to the black and disabled experience.

Created the Nat Turner Unit, a writing-intensive interdisciplinary course for students to discuss issues of freedom, both historical and personal, through the lens of the life of Nat Turner.

Created the crowd-sourced #NatTurnerSyllabus as a result of the class. The syllabus includes books, articles, films, and music which relates to Nat Turner and issues of slavery and freedom. www.NatTurnerSyllabus.net

Created the crowd-sourced #DavidBowieSyllabus, for students and teachers who wish to incorporate the music and life of David Bowie into their classrooms. www.oldgoldsoul.com/davidbowiesyllabus

Taught DC History elective, culminating in a video project called “My DC” in which students discussed their favorite neighborhoods.

Crowd-sourced donations of over 100 books for reading and writing students.

Facilitated donations of toiletries and food for needy students.

Facilitated donations of 40 new coats to students.

Also taught Creative Writing, Humor, Poetry, The American Musical, Greek Mythology, Egyptian Mythology, and Motown.

Served as a portrait photographer for job-seeking students and event photographer for on-campus events.