Hard to Say Goodbye

It’s not that I don’t love you deeply
You were my family
It’s just that I’m feeling there’s so much more
Waiting out there for you and me.

“Hard to Say Goodbye,” Dreamgirls

On one hand, I began my year knowing that it would be my last at this school. About halfway through, I began seeing pathways for me to stay, particularly a position as an Academic Dean that I was more than qualified for; that my peers and certain members of the leadership team wanted me to consider.

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IEP Discomfort

We had an orientation for our school yesterday. During my part, I explained to potential students and their parents what an average day at the school building would be like from an academic perspective. I also added that if a student has an IEP (Individualized Educational Plan – a Special Education term), has ever had an IEP, or needs some sort of accommodations, the student or parent should disclose that right away so they can hit the ground running with all the supports in place.

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