Educational Consulting

“Rashid and I met years ago but our professional relationship remains strong. He is the definition of advocate for the most marginalized within educational spaces. His candor, inquisitiveness and commitment to his own personal growth are excellent assets.”  –M.L.

“Mr. Rashid Darden exemplifies purpose and passion. I have seen repeated examples of both of these in the almost 20 years that I have known him in personal, professional, and philanthropic capacities.” –K.K.

Rashid’s perspective was thoughtful, provocative, and founded in both research and personal experience. His guidance–delivered in a direct style with both confidence and humility–was tailored to our specific situation, and has continued to inform our practice to this day. I look forward to more work with Rashid and to continuing my team’s improvement! —J.L.

Curated Syllabi

Units, Seminars, Workshops, and Courses Taught

  • GED English
  • GED Social Studies
  • Nat Turner Unit
  • Black Excellence Through Brotherhood and Sisterhood
  • Passport to Black History Seminar
  • History of the District of Columbia Since 1980
  • Creative Writing
  • Humor
  • Poetry
  • The American Musical
  • Motown
  • Greek Mythology
  • Egyptian Mythology



Rashid Darden is available for consulting, workshops, and private coaching on the following topics:

  • Developing standards-based interdisciplinary units, lessons, and syllabi
  • Building rapport with students
  • Working with Opportunity Youth
  • Introducing Restorative Practices to the classroom
  • Teaching black history everyday
  • Implementing personalized learning
  • Implementing blended learning
  • Trauma-informed and trauma-aware education