David Bowie Syllabus

The David Bowie Syllabus (or #DavidBowieSyllabus) is a crowd-sourced syllabus which collects and organizes essential music, videos, books, essays, and other resources for students and teachers of David Bowie, a British singer, songwriter, musician, producer, actor, and visual artist who was a long-time resident of the United States of America.

#DavidBowieSyllabus was conceived by novelist Rashid Darden, who in the wake of David Bowie’s death on January 10, 2016, resolved to preserve his legacy by considering those educators like himself who were influenced by Bowie’s artistry over his lifetime.  He believed that not only the music, but the lessons of David Bowie’s life could be useful as tools to facilitate discussion on social justice in addition to art, history, music, and other traditional subjects in K12 and post-secondary education.

This project is inspired by the #FergusonSyllabus, which was itself conceived by Professor Marcia Chatelain in the wake of the civil unrest in Ferguson, Missouri after the killing of Michael Brown in 2014.  The central question of the #FergusonSyllabus was “How do we teach kids about Ferguson?”  Professor Chatelain’s purpose and framework is honored through this project and it is hoped that #DavidBowieSyllabus is not just a fan project, but a true means of interdisciplinary reflection on the life and work of David Bowie.

This is a living document that will be updated by Mr. Darden, interns, and volunteers at regular intervals.

To contribute to #DavidBowieSyllabus, please share significant links, books, articles, journals, articles, and other tools useful to students and teachers in the following ways:

  • Share the links/resources on social media with the tag #DavidBowieSyllabus
  • Email the links/resources to davidbowiesyllabus@gmail.com
  • Leave a comment at the bottom of this page with your contribution

All productive and polite suggestions are welcome and will be considered.

The Studio Albums, Live Albums, Soundtracks, and EPs

This is a chronological (by release date) listing of David Bowie studio albums, live albums, soundtracks, and EPs.  Compilations are listed separately.  The David Bowie Discography on Wikipedia is a comprehensive listing which is ordered differently.

Essential Compilations and Box Sets
This list is not comprehensive.

Concert Films

Music Video Compilations

Books about David Bowie
(Or significantly about David Bowie)


Journal Articles

  • “David Bowie’s Survival” by Carter Ratcliff.  Artforum 21.5 (January 1983), pp. 39-45
  • “Who is he now? The unearthly David Bowie” by Toija Cinque and Sean Redmond.  Celebrity Studies, Vol. 4, Issue 3 (2013), pp. 377-379
  • “Who am I now? Remembering the enchanted dogs of David Bowie” by Sean Redmond. Celebrity Studies, Vol. 4, Issue 3 (2013), pp. 380-383
  • “Re-collecting David Bowie: The Next Day and late-career stardom” by Landon Palmer.  Celebrity Studies, Vol. 4, Issue 3 (2013), pp. 384-386
  • “A silent voice across the MEdiaverse: The Next Day as identities prosumed” by Martin James.   Celebrity Studies, Vol. 4, Issue 3 (2013), pp. 387-389
  • “Look back at that man: David Bowie in retrospect” by Will Brooker.  Celebrity Studies, Vol. 4, Issue 3 (2013), pp. 390-392
  • “Who is he now: David Bowie and the authentic self” by Bethany Usher and Stephanie Fremaux.   Celebrity Studies, Vol. 4, Issue 3 (2013), pp. 393-396
  • “The Return of the Thin White Repressed: Uses of Narcissism in The Stars (Are Out Tonight)” by Ian Dixon.  Celebrity Studies, Vol. 4, Issue 3 (2013), pp. 397-400
  • “David Bowie: Dancing with madness and proselytising the socio-political in art and life” by Toija Cinque.  Celebrity Studies, Vol. 4, Issue 3, (2013), pp. 401-404
  • “Plumbing the Surface of Sound and Vision: David Bowie, Andy Warhol, and the Art of Posing” by Judith A. Peraino.  Qui Parle, Vol. 21, No. 1 (Fall/Winter 2012), pp. 151-184



Addiction and Recovery

Angela Bowie

Berlin Trilogy

Business, Leadership, and Innovation

Criticisms, Reviews, and Critiques

David Bowie is… Victoria & Albert Museum

Early Career

Middle Career




Kanye West and David Bowie



Masculinity and Gender

Medical Ethics

Music Criticism

Mystery, Mythos, Legend, and Symbolism

Prince and David Bowie

Race, White Privilege, White Supremacy

Rape Culture


Science, Science-Fiction, and Futurism

Songwriting and Lyricism


Tony Visconti

Visual Art

David Bowie Interviews


Tributes and Obituaries


#DavidBowieSyllabus in Action


Dr. Toija Cinque – @ToijaCinque
Senior Lecturer in Media and Communications
School of Communication and Creative Arts
Faculty of Arts and Education, Deakin University

Professor Marcia Chatelain – @DrMChatelain
Associate Professor, Department of History
Georgetown College
Georgetown University

Professor Shelton Waldrep – @sheltonwaldrep
Professor, Department of English
College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
University of Southern Maine