Rashid Darden

A novelist.

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Rashid Darden is the author of Birth of a Dark Nation, first in a series of novels about African vampires brought to America during the transatlantic slave trade.

He also wrote the black LGBT novels Lazarus, Covenant, and Epiphany. His volume of poetry is called The Life and Death of Savion Cortez.

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Chelsea is the most deserving person in Genoa City and Chloe is the least. Yet somehow they still care for each other.

When is Kevin going to find someone for himself? Someone that actually loves to be around him and with him? I can’t even remember her name….Angie was it? That mob boss’s daughter? She loved him way more than Chloe did.

Angelina, and she really did.

I liked Jana for him best, though.

Brother Ward Hughes and Raven Jahi-Asim aiming for dream wedding!


Brother Ward Hughes and Raven Jahi-Asim aiming for dream wedding!


Brother Ward D. Hughes III (Spring 2010 – Iota Xi Chapter, Truman State University) and his fiancee Raven Jahi-Asim are in the running to win a $100,000 dream wedding, jewelry, and honeymoon package from Ben Bridge Jeweler.  Brother Hughes is a past president of Iota Xi, secretary of the Missouri District, and Treasurer of the local NPHC.

Raven says in their entry:

“…weddings are extremely…

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Please click the link and vote for my frat bro and his sweetheart!

Only 54 Black-Owned Bookstores left in America and I ran out of ****s to give


Only 54 Black-Owned Bookstores left in America and I ran out of ****s to give


That title was pretty harsh, right?  I’m sorry.

I just read a blog entry from Troy, the founder and webmaster of AALBC.  He reports that there are only 54 black-owned bookstores left in America, about half of the amount existing in 2012.  There are many reasons cited and I suppose they are fair.

I really should be quite sad that the number of black-owned bookstores in this country is dwindling.…

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Him: yo do you have any baby pics of you lying around?

Me: yessir, hold on

Him: i need to compare with this baby


Me:  I can assure you that I do not look like I pay taxes

Him:  hahahhaha…..this is super cute!!!

Me: lol thanks.  i was carefree and had good genes.

Him:  wtf…you shouldve been on sesame street

Me: I KNOW RIGHT!!!!!  I coulda been the next John-John!  EIGHT-TEEN! NINE-TEEN!

Him:  it was the only place that hired black kids…but still.  lol

Me:  LMAO!  I hate you!

Him:  hahaha

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